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Dr. Good helps you achieve your wellness needs in a comfortable and stress-free office. His main goal is to improve your life, reduce pain and facilitate healing through his services and techniques which includes cranial sacral therapy. He proudly serves a very diverse community here in Pleasanton by offering a very comprehensive approach to chiropractic care.

Our office is friendly, inviting and usually filled with laughter. You will never be sat down and pressured into contracts. You won’t ever feel like you are being pitched a plan. While we do see the need in some sort of ongoing maintenance care, we have yet to be able to know beforehand what your particular needs are that go along with your physical condition and lifestyle. This is your body and your choice.

What our clients are saying
What some recent clients say about their experience with Good Chiropractic


My family members and I have been going to Dr. Good for over 8 years. He has helped me with numerous issues and is knowledgeable about the problems I’m experiencing. Most importantly, he doesn’t have his patients sign a contract for “X number of visits” to save money when in reality it’s increasing his paycheck. Thanks for not using this ploy like others in the Bay Area.

Diana R., Oct. 20, 2018

I've had a recurring back issue for many years and have been treated by several Chiropractors in the Tri Valley area. By far, I am the most pleased with Dr. Jim Good. He has treated me in a moment's notice several times and gets me back into proper alignment rapidly. I highly recommend him for any chiropractic needs one might have. Thank you Dr. Good for always taking good care of me!

L.S., Oct. 20, 2018

I have been seeing chiropractors for the past 25 years for various sports injuries and I can HONESTLY say that Dr. Jim Good is the very best EVER. I know that sounds like hyperbole, but it is 100% true. He is profoundly skilled, knowledgable, experienced, and compassionate. He understands that the body works as a unit so he treats the entire body, not just the points of injury or pain. He is comprehensive and so KIND. He is a healer. THANK YOU, DR. JIM!!!!

Lorrie G., Oct. 12, 2018

Love this man. He is helping me get mobile again. He is kind and caring. Go get adjusted and feel better. Thank you Dr. Jim Good.

Chris P., Oct. 12, 2018

One of the best chiro's I've been to in over a decade. Precision adjustments, high knowledge base, timely assessment, holistic view. Found my chiro for as long as I'm in Pleasanton. Truly excellent.

Mimi M., Oct. 12, 2018

Have never had such complete relief of sciatica!! And was unable to cross my leg! I now can! Jim is amazing. Had other problems other chiropractors couldn’t help. Jim did! I highly recommend you trying this place if you’re in pain!!!!

Shima V., Oct. 11, 2018

James Good is an extremely great doctor and he really does care for your needs. I’ve been seeing Doc G on and off for 8 years now and until today he has never told me you have to come back this many times, he has always been respectful of his clients wishes and allow them to be in the drivers seat with their treatment. He is the real deal and a fantastic chiropractor. Highly recommend him.

Paulette S., Oct. 9, 2018

Amazing how much better my brain works right after a treatment by doctor Jim. Instantly, after he adjusts my neck, I can feel the blood flow into my head. Most people could use a little more brain activity especially in government!

Brianna W., Oct. 4, 2018

I’ve trusted Jim through my entire pregnancy and post pregnancy back issues. From suffering from scoliosis to bending over and carrying for a toddler, he is always able to get my body back in fighting shape. My experience is always quick, painless and professional. Whether it’s his intuition on suffering points or his highly trained and skilled touch, I trust him through and through!

Oct. 4, 2018

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